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Il Frutto delle Macine | Organic stone ground flours

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From the passion for organic agriculture of Gaetano Mirandola, always sensitive and committed to promoting of a healthy and balanced diet, always driven by strong attention to the specific needs of customers suffering from gluten intolerances, a new Il Frutto delle Macine Gluten-Free product range was born. Cereals, flours, mixes and many other products processed in an exclusively dedicated factory. Great for the whole family.

Gluten Free Mixes

Gluten Free Mix for Bread 500g

Gluten Free Mix for Pizza 500g

Gluten Free Mix for Sweets 500g

Gluten Free Mix for Pasta 500g


Wholemeal Vialone Nano Rice in grains 500g

Dehusked Buckwheat in grains 500g

Dehusked Millet in grains 500g

Amaranth in grains 500g

Sorghum in grains 500g

White Quinoa in grains 500g

Flours from Grains

Wholemeal Riso Vialone Nano Rice flour 500g

White Rice flour 500g

Wholemeal Buckwheat flour 500g

Fioretto Corn flour 500g

Bramata Corn flour 1kg

Amaranth flour 250g

Sorghum flour 500g

Wholemeal Millet flour 500g

Wholemeal Quinoa flour 250g

Teff flour 250g


Poppy seeds 250g

Sesame seeds 250g

Pumpkin seeds 250g

Chia seeds 250g

Hemp seeds 250g

Linseed (flax) seeds 250g

Sunflower seeds 250g

Roasted Seeds

Roasted Sesame seeds 250g

Roasted Pumpkin seeds 250g


Red Lentils 500g

Chickpeas 500g

Legumes Flours

Wholemeal Red Lentils flour 400g

Wholemeal Chickpeas flour 400g

Dried Fruit

Wholemeal shelled Sicilian Almonds 200g

Wholemeal peeled Sicilian Almonds 200g

Wholemeal shelled Sicilian Hazelnuts 200g

Roasted Dried Fruit

Roasted wholemeal shelled Sicilian Almonds 200g

Roasted wholemeal shelled Sicilian Hazelnuts 200g

Other Gluten Free products

Cornstarch 250g

Potato starch 250g

Guar Gum flour 100g

Gluten Free Yeast 100g